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IATA initiatives in air traffic management have been developed in cooperation with the relevant authorities and air navigation service providers. An even closer working relationship will enable the industry to realize significant benefits.


IATA works relentlessly at the structural and operational level towards the implementation of two major projects aimed at making air traffic management more efficient:

IATA also works with air navigation service providers across the globe to drive cost-efficiency improvements. Find out about our policy activities related to infrastructure.

Air Traffic Management resources

Communication, navigation and surveillance. Read more on IATA's activities related to the Air Traffic Management/

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New ATC Phraseology for SIDs / STARs

Learn about important changes in air traffic control phraseology being phased in globally from 10 November 2016.​



Air Traffic Management enhancements could improve airlines' fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions up to 12%.
IATA therefore calls upon governments, airports and air navigation service providers to implement the necessary infrastructure improvements.
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Towards flexible routings

We are working with key stakeholders to introduce more flexible routings. This initiative, called iFLEX, will bring significant reduction in flight time on long haul, resulting in reduced fuel burn and emissions, in addition to obvious commercial benefits. iFLEX is currently on trial on a few routes. 




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