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IATA’s mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry. Membership of IATA amounts to some 290 airlines in 120 countries. On this page, you will find a selection of critical IATA programs, policies, and services to support airlines.

Are you a Low Cost Carrier (LCC)?

 Discover a range of popular IATA products and services for LCCs and find out what are the benefits of becoming an IATA member.

Become an IATA member

Find out what it takes for airlines to join IATA's membership: Requirements for IATA membership


Safety our # 1 priority

The IATA Operational & Safety Audit (IOSA) is a mandatory requirement for IATA membership. See how to schedule your IOSA audit.

With around 900,000 aircraft ULDs in service representing a replacement value of over USD $1 Billion, ULDs are expensive assets that require correct handling. Many people in the industry do not know that ULDs are aircraft parts and directly contribute to flight safety. Help us raise awareness with the ULD Safety Campaign and find out more information on all our safety initiatives.


We run intensive lobbying campaigns to support many aspects of airline operations. Major policy initiatives include: passenger rights, emissions trading, security, aviation charges, airport slots, the benefits of aviation.

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Future of Airline Distribution and Payment

Three major programs are transforming the travel distribution and payment.

Building a greener future

Air transport is united behind a four-pillar environmental strategy and challenging targets to achieve carbon-neutral growth from 2020: improvements to technology, operations and infrastructure and the deployment of sustainable alternative fuels.
More on IATA's environmental commitment.

The IATA Environmental Assessment (IEnvA) program helps airlines improve environmental management. And a carbon offset program is available to airlines.   

Cargo: fac​ilitating world trade

Several programs promote greater efficiency in the air cargo supply chain:

More on Cargo


Our mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry

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