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A Force for Good

At the end of August 2016, Tony Tyler retired. His tenure was characterized by his “force for good” messaging, derived from his first-hand observation of the benefits of aviation in Asia-Pacific during his time working for Cathay Pacific.

Aside from its significant contribution to global GDP and employment, Tyler tirelessly championed aviation’s environmental work. This culminated in an historic agreement at the 39th ICAO Assembly in 2016 for a global market-based measure to manage aviation’s carbon footprint.

Much of Tyler’s work ultimately focused on the passenger. It is a theme that has been taken up by his successor, Alexandre de Juniac, who became IATA’s seventh Director General and CEO on 1 September, 2016.

A "force for good" has evolved to  "the business of freedom"'  for de Juniac. Allied to messaging that calls for the speed of innovation in the industry to improve, airlines look set to continue creating value for their end customer. Please see Alexandre de Juniac's blog for further updates.

In April 2018, we celebrated 73 years of flying, better, together, with our member airlines



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