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IATA's Industry Priorities

IATA’s main priorities for 2019 were set by the association’s Board of Governors during their December 2018 session.​

Improve the Regulatory & Legal Environment

  • Value of Aviation
    - Africa: facilitate agreements between airlines on new routes or increased frequencies based on SAATM principles.
    - LATAM : support improvements in infrastructure policies, plans or regulations.
    - ASPAC: ensure improvements in infrastructure policies, regulations or operations that support growth.
    - EUR: support states in the development and implementation of a National Airspace Strategy.
  • Smarter Regulation
    -  Between 2019 and 2021, achieve regulatory reforms in Asia-Pacific , Africa, Middle East, and the Americas.
    -  Ensure smarter regulation principles are used by governments. 
  • Consumer Protection
    - Align regulatory movements with industry principles.
  • Unruly Passengers
    - Obtain MP14 ratification by additional states. 
  • Airport slots
    -Complete the review of the World Slots Guidelines and ensure the outcome strengthens the globally harmonized airport slot allocation process.

Reduce Airport & ANSP Charges, Fuel Fees and Taxes

Work to Implement a Global Agreement at ICAO for CNG2020

  • Obtain the review of emissions unit programs with the ultimate goal of an ICAO Council decision on eligible emissions units in 2020.
  • Obtain the reassertion of support of the 40th ICAO Assembly for CORSIA as the only market-based measure for international aviation.
  • Conduct CORSIA implementation capacity building for airlines including 8 regional workshops.

Remove Barriers to the Commercialization of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)

  • Encourage SAF deployment on a commercial basis, towards an aspirational goal of 2% of the global aviation fuel supply to come from sustainable sources by 2025.

Push the Adoption of Distribution, Payment, Baggage & Data Standards

  • Support ONE Order implementation in  5 Order Management Systems.
  • New Distribution Capability: aim for 8% of sales powered by NDC APIs for a group of Leaderboard airlines representing  at least 20% of total IATA passengers carried by IATA member airlines
  • RFID: achieve adoption of RFID by 10 airports >25 million passengers  and 4 airports >10 million passengers
  • Aircraft Operational Data: campaign among aircraft manufacturers to allow airlines to access their aircraft data

Continue the transformation of safety audits 

  • Continue digitalization of quality processes to ensure reliability and consistency of audit results for IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) and IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO).

Increase membership and satisfaction

  • Monitor and maintain high levels of membership satisfaction.
  • Attract new members representing at least 0.5% Revenue Tonne Kilometres (RTKM), with an emphasis on New Model Airlines/Low Cost Carriers

Our mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry

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