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Improving Gender Balance by 2025

25by2025 - a global initiative to change the gender balance within the aviation industry

25by2025 is a voluntary campaign for IATA member airlines to improve female representation in the industry by 25%, or up to a minimum of 25% by 2025. The 25by2025 campaign is an initial step to making the aviation industry more gender balanced.

Introducing 25by2025



Why is the change needed?

Diversity & inclusion metrics for the aviation industry (pdf) are no surprise. They clearly show there is room for improvement to drive diversity & inclusion within an industry that is growing to meet the expanding global demand for connectivity.

During IATA's 2019 World Air Transport Summit, Air New Zealand's former CEO Christopher Luxon challenged the industry to do more to advance gender diversity, He urged airlines to do more to address issues facing women.

Improving gender diversity throughout the industry is needed not just because it is "the right thing to do", but it also makes business sense. According to the McKinsey report "Women Matter", 'Companies where women are most strongly represented at board or top-management level are also the companies that perform best."

25by2025 is not done in isolation. Achieving gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls is one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. And for good reason! While we know that some indicators of gender equality are progressing, there is a lot that needs to be done, especially with regards to providing all women with equal opportunities to advance their careers. 25by2025 aims to do just that – by providing the industry with an opportunity to set achievable targets, share best practices, lessons learned and success stories.

'While women represented 39 per cent of world employment, only 27 per cent of managerial positions in the world were occupied by women in 2018, up only marginally from 26 per cent in 2015. The proportion of women in management has increased since 2000 in all regions except in least developed countries.' (source: UN). The purpose of 25by2025 is for the industry to advance the much needed change and showcase the actions taken to change the status quo.

What are we doing?

IATA is launching an industry-wide campaign aimed at shifting key Diversity & Inclusion metrics across the industry by 25%, or up to a minimum of 25% by 2025. Airlines which voluntarily commit to this initiative will see their progress shared annually at the IATA World Air Transport Summit and IATA will put in place a forum to share best practices and ideas for airlines to use and implement.

By committing to 25by2025 the airlines will:

  • Report annually on key diversity metrics
  • Increase the number of women in senior positions and under-represented areas*
  • Increase female nominations from their airlines for IATA governance roles to a minimum of 25%
  • Work with IATA to increase the number of women appointed to IATA governance roles to a minimum of 25%
*By 25%, or up to a minimum of 25% by 2025

IATA commits to:

  • Create a forum for sharing best practices and collate industry metrics in an annual update
  • Increase the number of women in top senior positions to a minimum of 25%
  • Increase the number of women participating at events, panels and conferences to a minimum of 25%
  •  Increase the number of women appointed to IATA governance roles to a minimum of 25%


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If you would like to know more about this pledge, contact us at 25by2025@iata.org

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