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Consumer Protection

It is vital that governments, regulators and the flying public understand the balance between protecting consumer rights and protecting sustainable air services. Appropriate regulations, globally coordinated, can give passengers confidence while ensuring the freedom to fly.

Rather than regulations “defending” passengers, they should be framed as a partnership between consumers and the industry, to encourage competition, innovation, consumer confidence and enhanced air connectivity.

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Allowing airlines the freedom to innovate and offer new choices allows customers the opportunity to make their own price/service trade-offs. See how:

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Airlines are part of an interdependent aviation system which has to work like clockwork to get passengers to their destinations safely and on time.

But any approach to address delays should involve everyone in the picture – airlines, airports, air traffic management, governments and passengers themselves – so that, together, we can improve on-time performance, and when delays do happen, ensure that passengers are properly cared for.

​​Regulation that requires airlines alone to pay compensation or provide care and assistance as a result of delays does not address the fundamental problem of why delays occur. It ignores that market forces at play that will compel airlines to offer solutions in order to keep their customers. And it may cause airlines to cancel flights instead – an even more unpleasant experience for passengers.

Most delays are beyond the control of airlines. They happen because of a variety of reasons – like weather, overtaxed infrastructure and crowded airspace. That’s why we think partnership and planning – amongst airports, airlines, ANSPs and governments - is the best way to take care of passengers when delays happen, and reduce delays themselves.

JetBlue: Reducing Delays



​There are posters and postcards to download that are part of a broader campaign to inject a new, fresh perspective in the global conversation on consumer protection. 

Share them and get involved in starting the conversation. It’s about choice, convenience and connectivity. Let’s change the debate.​


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