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Worldwide Slot Guidelines

The Worldwide Slot Guidelines (WSG) are the foundation upon which the global slot allocation process works for the benefit of airlines, airports and the passengers. IATA ensures it evolves with the industry to continue to optimize the use of scarce airport capacity for all. The WSG is built on the pillars of transparency, flexibility, certainty, consistency and sustainability. 

Thanks to continual update  and revision,  the WSG  represent the globally accepted  best practice for governments and airport regulators. The guidelines ensure  that slots at  capacity-constrained airports  around the world  are allocated  to airlines using consistent policies, principles and processes.

A living document, WSG is reviewed on a regular basis to keep up with industry and regulatory changes.

Worldwide Slot Guidelines - for download

Latest Calendar of Coordination Activities (pdf)

WSG Edition 10 - English version (pdf) Official version

WSG Edition 9 - English version (pdf) Official version

If inconsistencies arise with other translations this English version always takes precedence

WSG Edition 8 - Spanish version (versión española) (pdf)

WSG Edition 8 - Arabic version ( إرشادات الخانات الزمنية العالمية) (pdf)

WSG Edition 8 - Chinese version (中国语言版本) (pdf)

WSG Edition 8 - Brazilian Portuguese version (versão português brasileiro) (pdf)   

Latest list of all level 2 and level 3 Airports

List for level 2 and level 3 airports (xls) as officially declared to IATA

WSG Annexes

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