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IATA's Annual Review

IATA's annual review is a complete report on the successes, issues and state of commercial air transport. It is released each year for IATA's Annual General Meeting taking place early June.

 Annual Review 2019

The annual review 2019, released on 2 June is now available.


Annual Review 2018 (pdf)
Annual Review 2017 (pdf)
Annual Review 2016 (pdf)
Annual Review 2015 (pdf)
Annual Review 2014 (pdf)
Annual review 2013: (English) (pdf) -     العربية  -    简体中文 -   Français -   Español
Annual Review 2012 (pdf)
Annual Report 2011 (pdf)
Annual Report 2010 (pdf)
Annual Report 2009 (pdf
Annual Report 2008 (pdf)
Annual Report 2007 (pdf)
Annual Report 2006 (pdf)
Annual Report 2005 (pdf)   



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