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IATA publications for Windows® computers in one easy-to-use software

Install the IATA Read​​er once on any Windows® computer. When you purchase the 'Windows' format of an IATA publication, it's added as an individual document to your own, centralized digital library. There’s no need to install a new application... Just downloa​d the document, install it in IATA Reader, and get to work!

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Starting in 2017, all the latest editions of IATA publications have been released for use in the IATA Reader for Windows® software. Purchased titles are installed, activated and used, all within the Reader. It is the digital format IATA customers tend to be most familiar with.

The IATA Reader 'My Library' section collects all your IATA 'Windows' format publications into a centralized location. No need to keep and store your documents; the ​Rea​der does it for you. Simply launch the Reader and double-click the publication you want to view.

The Reader remembers document preferences like last page viewed to facilitate navigation between sessions. Toggle between open publications with the document tabs. Toggle between documents and the Library view by clicking the IATA Reader image located at the top left of the window.

Publication content is typically displayed in a familiar table of contents and viewing window layout. Some IATA titles include dynamic grid sections, where data is presented in tabular format, with sort, filter, group and find functions. A number of titles include other special content (such as Document Toolboxes) or special features (for example instructional animations).


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