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Phraseology Study

In an effort to align procedures relating to published altitude restrictions on Standard instrument Departure (SID) and Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR), IATA and the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) jointly prepared a separate follow-on survey for airline pilots. This report is an extension of the 2011 Phraseology Survey.

This edition tackles the Phraseology Conflict: SIDs/STARs survey report on potential misunderstanding as an outcome of the survey to identify risks associated with the problem, taking into account the inconsistent implementations of SID/STAR provisions globally – leading to the development of harmonized recommendations that address those risks.

2nd edition of Phraseology Conflict Report

Access and download a free copy of the Phraseology Conflict Report (pdf) (Edition 2, version 2015) – SIDs/STARs survey report on potential misunderstanding.


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