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With the aviation industry unable to match 2017’s extraordinary aviation safety performance, 2018 saw a deterioration across the all accident rate, jet hull loss rate and fatality risk. In addition to monitoring the long-term aviation trends and identifying emerging risk for the industry, 2018’s performance has reinforced the need to continue identifying risks and threats and find innovative new ways to improve safety. 

The 55th edition of the Annual Safety Report (2018), includes further in-depth review of these and other global and regional aviation statistics, including:

  •  Essential insight into global and regional accident rates and contributing factors 
  • Analyses from the Global Aviation Data Management programs, covering emerging risks of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Incorrect Surface Line-up 
  • Regional overview of the safety metrics and corresponding activities for targeted risk management 

Did you know? 

  • 4.3 billion travelers, the equivalent of more than half the world’s population flew safely on 46.1 million flights in 2018 
  •  There were 62 aircraft accidents and 523 fatalities in 2018, the highest number of fatal accidents and fatalities since 2014 
  • The global accident rate was 1.35 per million sectors, compared to 1.08 for IATA members. 
  • The all accident rate for airlines on the IOSA registry was more than two times better than that of non-IOSA airlines (0.98 vs 2.16)

2018 Airline Safety Performance

Read the analysis of airlines safety performance in 2018 (press release). 

Download the IATA Safety Report 2018

For more information on IATA Safety programs and initiatives, please visit our Safety website or contact us at safety@iata.org

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