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Corporate Sustainability Reporting Guidelines

Emerging regulatory requirements as well as investor and customer pressure impose increased transparency on businesses about their corporate sustainability practices.  Airlines’ customers too are likely to make buying decisions based on the carrier’s sustainability track records. IATA is developing guidelines to help airlines develop thorough but concise and digestible corporate sustainability reporting.

Airlines GRI Reporting Handbook

The Airline GRI handbook was developed in collaboration with member airlines and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). It includes general guidance that can be used in addition to the GRI Standards, as well as voluntary industry-specific disclosures to report on. It simplifies reporting for airlines while  encouraging transparency and helping drive improvements in the industry’s sustainability performance. 

Download the Airline sustainability GRI reporting handbook

Corporate Sustainability in the Supply Chain

Airlines share many common suppliers and supply chain is an area of specific sustainability challenges.   IATA has partnered with EcoVadis to develop an airline corporate sustainability risk mapping tool to build best practices in airlines supply chain. This initiative will also support the promotion of an airline industry corporate sustainability risk analysis.

The guide, to be released end 2019, will encompass: 

  • A generic airline purchasing structure: definition of corporate sustainability risks for common airline supplier categories
  • How to address industry-specific risks: combination of corporate sustainability and procurement risks  to provide an industry-specific risk scale
  •  Harmonization of supplier categories at risk: guidelines on prioritization and identification of high risk suppliers

Interested to find out more about how IATA can support airlines in their corporate sustainablity reporting?  Please contact environmt@iata.org.


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