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Cargo Agent’s & European Air Cargo Programme (EACP) Handbook

​IATA Cargo Agent's Handbooks (CAH) and European Air Cargo Program Handbook (EACPH) include the  Cargo Agency Conference decisions governing cargo agency procedures and regulatory developments. They  provide the basic rules and regulations governing the trading relationship between IATA-accredited Cargo Agents and Intermediaries and appointing member airlines. They also present local criteria for cargo agent/intermediary accreditation programs.

EACPH – European Air Cargo Program  English - Spanish - French (pdf)
CAH 801 – Cargo Agency Rules  English - French (pdf)
CAH 803 – Cargo Agency Rules – Canada  English - French (pdf)
CAH 807 – Cargo Agency Rules – China  English (pdf)
CAH 809 – Cargo Agency Rules – South West Pacific  English (pdf)
CAH 813 – Cargo Agency Rules – Latin America and the Caribbean  English - Spanish (pdf)


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