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How to become an IATA Agent

There are several steps to follow in order to apply for IATA accreditation:

  • Ensure you meet the local criteria as specified in the 'Travel Agent Handbook​'
  • Select your country of application below and read carefully the Application Guide
  • Submit your Application as specified in the Application Guide for your country​​ 
  • Pay the Accreditation fee as specified in the 'Application Guide ' (Agents in Europe, Middle East and Africa : you will be contacted for payment once your application has been accepted)
  • For any question and support, please register and login to our Customer Portal at www.iata.org/cs​ and contact our Customer Service teams via the 'Contact Support' tab once logged in

Accreditation information for agents in Russian Federation.

Select your country to view the documentation that applies to you: ​​

Note​ that IATA no longer accepts standard paper application forms for travel agencies. You can apply directly through our IATA Customer Portal by clicking "Apply Now".

Some of the major benefits include​​​:

  • Direct and secure do​​cumentation submittal
  • Single entry point to several IATA systems and services
  •  ​Pre-populated applic​ation fields simplifying the application process

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