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Evidence-Based Training (EBT)

Adapting to today’s complex, yet highly reliable aviation system where the circumstances of the next accident are difficult to predict, IATA led the development of a new training methodology based on evidence collected in operations and training: Evidence-Based Training (EBT). An EBT program focuses on the development and assessment of key pilot competencies to better prepare the pilots to manage potentially dangerous situations in flight operations. 

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A new training concept developed by experts

EBT was developed under the IATA Training and Qualification Initiative (ITQI) launched in 2007. A working group (WG) was constituted, which comprised representatives from airlines, civil aviation authorities, academic institutions, aircraft original equipment manufacturers, international organizations, pilot representative bodies and training organizations. The task of this WG was to establish a new methodology for the development and conduct of recurrent training and assessment, today known as Evidence-Based Training (EBT).

EBT was endorsed by ICAO in 2013, with the publication of Doc 9995, Manual of Evidence-based Training. To support operators with the implementation of EBT, a co-branded IATA/ICAO/IFALPA “Evidence-Based Training Implementation Guide” was also published in 2013.


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