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Fueling Training Portal

IATA Fueling Training Portal

What is IFTP?

The IATA Fueling Training Portal (IFTP) streamlines training activity for into-plane fueling (ITP) personnel by facilitating multiple airline recognition of standardized training for fueling each aircraft type.

Why is this solution needed by the industry?

ITP personnel performing fueling activities need to operate controls on the aircraft itself, and must therefore be trained on these tasks and procedures.  In the absence of mutually accepted training by airlines, airline operators are required to provide this training to their ITP partners for each aircraft type. 

The IFTP solution reduces the burden on airlines to maintain and deliver material for this aspect of training. In addition, ITP personnel does not have to spend valuable time in duplicated training activities. Reduced training variation helps to reduce complexity and improves the safety of both the airline and ITP operations. 

How is the solution implemented?

This solution contains three key elements:

  1. e-learning modules and assessments for Level 2 & 3 into-plane fueling operations based on the IATA Guidance Material
  2. An online portal where data on ITP personnel trained through the e-learning platform can be accessed by legitimate parties, primarily airlines joining multilateral recognition of standardized training
  3. Administration functionality to allow ITPs to confirm that practical on the job training (OJT) has been completed in accordance with the ITP's own training processes and that the fueling personnel are proficient

Who can benefit?


  • Airlines already requiring Level 2 or Level 3 fueling service can adopt standardized training to reduce burden of maintaining and delivering fueling training for aircraft fleet
  • Airlines seeking to relieve workload on aircraft engineering personnel can adopt this training solution to enable ITP personnel to complete fueling activity autonomously


  • ITP operations can be less disrupted by staff being pulled out for repeated training
  • Greater flexibility for ITPs in scheduling initial and refresh training activity

When will the IFTP be launched?

The IFTP training solution is currently under development.  A pilot launch of the program is expected in early 1Q 2020.

Get in touch to discuss further how your airline or ITP can benefit from this solution.

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