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Integrated Management Solutions (IMX)

Quality & safety in one click

With the escalating global demand for air transport, efficient operational quality and safety management are paramount. By integrating quality and safety management systems, industry stakeholders will realize considerable efficiency improvements and other benefits.

With the IMX software, we offer airlines and ground service providers a simple, efficient and cost-effective quality and safety management solution.

What is IMX?

Operators invest considerable time and energy in managing the diverse components and the volume of data associated with Quality and Safety management systems. The IMX solution (pdf) eliminates this time-consuming challenge by gathering all of the quality management system (QMS) and safety management system (SMS) data in a user-friendly format.

Developed in collaboration with airlines, IMX enables you to effectively manage all the basic elements of both quality and safety management systems on a single electronic software platform. It also provides a seamless connection to the IATA Global Aviation Data Management (GADM) database.



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