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SkyFusion: Data Exchange for Air Traffic Management

​​​Airlines, airports and ANSPs can exchange operational information across flight information with SkyFusion - our cloud-based platform. 

The SWIM-configured platform features collaborative decision-making (CDM) tools to drive practical improvements and bottom-line efficiencies.

Connecting airlines, ANSPs and airports in real-time

The rapid growth of air traffic demand poses multiple challenges that highlight the need for Air Traffic Management (ATM) bodies to work together. But the limitations of existing systems make it difficult for airlines, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and airports to share information and make collaborative decisions. To meet this industry challenge, I​ATA and Harris partnered to create SkyFusion, a solution that integrates Collaborative Decision Making and System Wide Information Management (SWIM) in a single platform.

The Aviation Information Revolution - SkyFusion and SWIM

How to be part of the aviation information revolution – Cost-effectively managing the transition to SWIM 
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A cost-effective solution for more efficient airspace management

The collaborative platform enables real-time operational communication and data exchange among ATM stakeholder segments, providing situational awareness to optimize planning days and hours in advance and help avoid ATM system constraints.  

SkyFusion provides an integrated view of the broader ATM system to drive practical improvements and bottom-line cost efficiencies. It features three key tools that benefit all ATM stakeholder segments.

  • The Traffic Display tool provides users with a map view of airborne air traffic, as well as quick view insights of airport status. 
  • The Traffic Monitor provides predicted demand information for airport arrivals and departures. It also provides predicted demand over high value airspace elements such as key navigation fixes. 
  • The Information System provides communications capability on airspace and airport status, traffic management plans, and special event plans for an entire region in an easily manageable format.  
For full information on SkyFusion's features and capabilities, download the SkyFusion Brochure​ (pdf)


Borderless Information, Predictable Skies and Operations

The common global data exchange offered by SkyFusion enables your airline, airport and air traffic operations to:

  • Benefit from heighten situational awareness.
  • Predict demand and manage capacity more effectively.  
  • Increase operational efficiency and seamless communication across air traffic borders.
  • Stay in line with global trends through the SWIM-configured data for future-proofing in international aviation standard data formats.

SkyFusion is a non-proprietary open platform - open for future applications, tools and data to meet evolving market needs. It bridges the compatibility gap between legacy systems and SWIM, serving as an enabler of data sharing.


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To find out more about SkyFusion and what the platform can do for your organization, request for a demo


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