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EU261 Autocheck

Airlines increasingly struggle to process EU 261 related passenger claims. In response to this IATA has developed an online, cloud based, claims management system that will help airlines better manage claims on time and in compliance with existing EU261 regulations.

The tool helps airlines process claims through a centralized system, making the process faster and more efficient. 

EU 261 claims process simplified

Semi-automated claims management

The IATA EU261 Autocheck  will help airlines make better informed decisions, improve customer service and increase claim-processing efficiency through the use of an in-built “Rules Engine” enabling semi-automation of the claims process.

This tool enables customer service teams to handle EU261 related claims quickly and efficiently. In addition, the system enables airlines to record, track and archive claims for future reference.


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What it covers

The system covers delays, cancellations and denied boarding scenarios and features an extraordinary circumstances module and enables airlines to process claims faster and more efficiently.

Features and benefits 

  • Semi-automation of EU261 claim processing workflow
  • Handles delays, cancellations and denied boarding scenarios 
  • In-built logic that processes 1st level analysis of a claim
  • Extraordinary circumstance module
  • Central repository for EU261 case law
  • End to end case lifecycle management
  • Save, retrieve, archive claims
  • Easy to use, one stop EU261 shop for customer service and legal counsel 
  • Speedier EU261 claims handling
  • Increases claim handler productivity
  • Reduces overall claims administrative costs
  • Improves equality of treatment in line with mainstream interpretation of Reg. EU261
  • Reduces claim escalation 
  • Improves service levels, customer experience and brand perception

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