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Air Traffic Statistics

Find the data you need to run your aviation business

The aviation industry, more than many, is subject to fluctuations with wide-reaching impacts. To make the right decisions that are critical to your business, you need data you can rely on to reflect the reality of the situation. IATA is the world-renowned source for airline statistics. Our portfolio of statistics products has the data – and option – you’re looking for.

The stakeholders of the aviation industry make countless decisions every day. The data you need to plan operations for specific service offerings is very different from the intelligence required for long-term capital investments and growth strategies. It differs again from the input that informs mid-range commercial strategies. But all these decisions need realistic, clean, reliable statistics to reduce risk and increase your chances of success. Whether it’s an up-to-the-minute snapshot of air traffic by month, a close-up of freight by country, an understanding of passenger traffic over time, airline benchmarks, or a customized analysis, IATA has the figures you need in the format you want.

Get a realistic view

Our portfolio of statistics products enables you to:

  • Make better aviation industry decisions
  • Forecast and recommend with confidence
  • Set and adjust air transport strategy
  • Future-proof your aviation business

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Choose the right data set for your decisions

Our portfolio includes:

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Rely on data straight from the source

Statistical information is collected first hand from airlines through the following data collection schemes:

  • Monthly Aggregated Traffic Statistics (MATS) (monthly) 
  • Route Area Statistics (monthly) 
  • On-Flight Origin-Destination Statistics (OFODS) (monthly) 
  • Annual Air Transport Statistics (AATS) (annual) 

Airlines, both IATA members and non-members, are invited to participate in the data collections. Participating airlines receive extracts from Monthly Traffic Statistics or WATS, free of charge. Airlines participating in the OFODS and/or RAS collections can also access microdata files of the respective collections for a cost-recovery fee.

Need comprehensive, detailed, airline-level traffic data updated monthly?

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Need actual cargo tonnage between two countries? 

Discover Cargo Country Statistics

Want to identify and analyze aviation business opportunities and risks? 

Discover World Air Transport Statistics

Want to ensure you're on the right long-term track?        

Discover 20-Year Air Passenger Forecast

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