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Ground Damage Database (GDDB)

The IATA Ground Damage Database is a key initiative supporting the IATA Global Ground Operations activities.

There has been a wide range of reporting practices for ground damage incidents which limit the accuracy and analysis capability to derive meaningful mitigations to solve this important issue. 

Key stakeholders from the Air Transport Industry collectively identified ground damage data fields that can and should be reported into the GDDB consistently amongst all participants, as well as the parameters for how it is to be reported. 

How GDDB works

Accepted data submission minimizes as much as possible any variation in the data; thereby allowing us, to not only provide aggregate information back to participants, but also accurate detailed analysis to identify trends and contributing factors (correlations).

Benefits for the participants

The obtained information in turn allows you as a participant to confidently develop an assess effective mitigations and compare your performance to a baseline of global ground damage, from a Global, Regional or Individual basis, to determine whether or not a particular trend in your operation is unique to you or not.

Information derived from the GDDB supports the IATA "Integrated Solution for Ground Operations", by providing the means to close the continuous improvement cycle, between Standards (AHM), Procedures (IGOM), Oversight (ISAGO/ IOSA) and Analysis/ Reports(GDDB) in the context of ground damages.

We are cognizant of the sensitivity of this information and are dedicated to protecting your information. As such we have implemented a number of de-identification protocols.


Pariticipation in the IATA GDDB is open to Airline Operators, Ground Service Providers and Airports providing ground services.

For further information, consult the GDDB frequently asked questions ​(pdf).

If you are interested in joining the program, please fill the GDDB participation form (doc) and send it to us at GDDB@iata.org


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