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Global Aviation Data Management (GADM)

The Global Aviation Data Management (GADM) program is a data management platform, integrating all sources of operational data received from various channels. These include IATA-unique programs, such as Flight Operations, Infrastructure, and IATA audits, and all feed into a common, interlinked database structure. 

Techniques to improve aviation safety have moved beyond the analyses of isolated accidents to data-driven analyses of trends and the interaction between the links in the air transport chain. This is what the GADM program is about.

GADM offers a comprehensive, cross-database analysis, supporting a proactive data-driven approach for advanced trend analysis and predictive risk mitigation.

Why join GADM?

Safety, our number one priority

More than 470 organizations around the globe submit their data to the GADM. Over 90% of IATA member carriers are participating.

All GADM data contributors have access to applicable aggregated and de-identified reports and analyses, such as:

  • Industry accident/ incident data and analysis as well as operational reports (pilot and flight attendant reports)
  • Aircraft ground damage reports and analysis in a new Ground Damage Database (GDDB);
  • Collated Flight Data Connect (FDC) information in a global Flight Data eXchange (FDX);

Access to multiple sources of aviation data

Safety Report

The IATA Safety Report contains critical information on aviation industry accidents, causes and prevention strategies. It is the collaborative effort of industry partners from airlines, manufacturers and international organizations.


The STEADES database of de-identified airline incident report is the world's largest, offering a secure environment for airlines to pool safety information for global benchmarking and analysis needs.

Flight Data Connect

​IATA’s Flight Data Connect ​(FDC) service is a flight data analysis service for airlines wishing to outsource this function to an external provider.

Flight Data Exchange (FDX)

FDX is an aggregated de-identified database of FDA/FOQA type events. It will allow flight operations and safety departments to proactively identify safety hazards.  

Ground Damage Database (GDDB)

The Ground Damage Database is designed to facilitate data-driven decisions to measurably reduce aircraft ground damage. 

IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)

The IOSA program is an internationally recognized and accepted evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline. IOSA's quality audit principles are designed to conduct audits in a standardized manner.

IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO)

Within the objective of improving safety and reduce ground damage ISAGO brings together airlines, ground services providers, cargo handlers and other industry stakeholders. Using internationally recognized audits standards, ISAGO also aims to improve efficiency by reducing the number of redundant audits.

Cabin Safety

GADM Cabin Safety enhances safety for IATA member airlines, by providing them access to in-depth reports and recommendations derived from this information.


Industry members interested in joining the GADM, please register now. Once your request for access is approved, you will be able to access the GADM portal.

For further information on the portal or technical support, please contact gadm@iata.org with full user information.

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