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STEADES: global aviation safety data sharing program

Use global trend analysis to set safety performance targets

STEADESTM is IATA’s aviation safety incident data management and analysis program and one of the data sources of the Global Aviation Data Management (GADM). With over 200 members, the STEADES database of de-identified airline incident reports is the world’s largest, offering a secure environment for airlines to pool safety information for global benchmarking and analysis needs. View current members (pdf) and what they say about their use of STEADES.

STEADES provides rates on key safety performance indicators, helping airlines to benchmark and establish safety performance targets in accordance with ICAO requirements for Safety Management Systems (SMS).

Free tools for STEADES contributors

Airlines use STEADES global safety data to set the agenda for their safety committee meetings. Tools and reports are free to contributing airlines.

Query Tool:
Easy access to shared safety data helps airlines to:

  • Highlight critical trends on a global scale
  • Anticipate operational challenges at specific airports
  • Spot issues to enhance safety committee agendas

Interactive benchmarking tool:
An interactive Excel-based workbook linked to the safety database enables:

  • Benchmarking at the regional and global level
  • Performance monitoring
  • Understanding of critical incident trends
  • Identifying targets for improvement

In-depth reports and information from IATA safety experts:
Safety, Flight Operations, Quality Assurance, Maintenance and Training departments can benefit from:

  • In-depth safety analysis on issues like bird strikes, hard landings, maintenance-related events, lightning strikes, altitude deviations and more
  • Ready-to-use presentations to communicate key issues throughout the organization

Join the STEADES community today to contribute to global safety performance improvement. See the STEADES frequently asked questions (pdf) to learn more and fill in the STEADES participation form (doc).

If you need references, check out the STEADES member testimonials.

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