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Aero Republica
The information we receive from the IATA STEADES program helps us establish the goals for Aero Republica's safety and quality operation for this year based on industry. Furthermore it helps us assess other events that could impact safety or quality operation such as deviations or maintenance factors based on IATA's research.
- Jorge Robles, Safety and Quality Director



Avianca Airlines
STEADES provides a lot of information very useful for the staff dealing with safety issues within the Airline.
- Luis A Valencia, Director of Quality


Blue Dart

Blue Dart Aviation Ltd
STEADES is helping us to understand global trends better. We discuss these in our Safety Meetings and are able to draw valuable lessons from it which assists us in formulating our overall accident prevention strategies.  It also enables many areas to be looked into which otherwise remains unnoticed.
- Shyamal Ghosh, Chief Flight Safety Manager


CAL-Cargo Airlines  
We find STEADES Reports very interesting and useful for our airline. We publish the Mini-analysis and Safety Trend Reports to our aircrews and managers.  We use the Query tool to identify hazards in new destinations.
I find it great for a small company like ours to have the opportunity to be exposed to this kind of information and to learn from the experience of the big airlines.
- Capt. Jonathan Ronen, Flight Safety Officer


Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Airways
This is very interesting, useful data. We are now going to run a similar study in Cathay simply to determine how we 'compare' to the rest of IATA airlines on this issue of diversions.
Thank you for supplying this proactive information. We really like the idea of these recent presentations sent to STEADES members - they are simple, short, timely, useful and widely distributed via email.
- Peter A. Simpson, Manager Air Safety


Etihad Airways
We were having a problem with guests smoking in lavatories/cabin and needed to demonstrate that we were well above the industry average to force action through. STEADES gave us that data to compare with our reports. We are a new Airline and often need to reassure ourselves that we are getting an accurate picture of our operation via the safety reports. STEADES gives us a way of benchmarking our trends against the industry trends to validate our reporting culture.
- Capt. John R. Downey, Head of Corporate Safety



GOL Airlines
Finally this very important tool was developed! Now we are able to understand and analyse real Safety indicators worldwide, simultaneously with other carriers. This global statistic is fantastic!
Gol already started comparing its studies with STEADES, which pleased our CEO & COO. Now they can make conclusions (and even decisions) much faster.
- Arenda Frietas de Oliveira, Quality Assurance Coordinator


Kenya Airways

Kenya Airlines
The STEADES program has offered us an opportunity to constantly gauge our trends against those of other IATA airlines and thus benchmark ourselves with the industry. 
Additionally the programmme has been able to continuously offer in-depth analysis on areas of concern to most operators leading to proactive measures being put in place by different operators.
- Edward Jumi, Flight Safety Data Officer


Thai Airways International PCL  THAI
After joining as a STEADES member, an influx of valuable information comes to our receipt. We gained an opportunity to compare it with our in-house information which helps us have a concise, clear and holistic  picture of safety matters in aviation industry. Apart from this, the presentations e-mailed by STEADES on hot issues are used for discussion and analysis in our monthly safety meeting. We really appreciate STEADES efforts to analyze and synthesize the data for easy understanding.
- Werasak Wiroonpetch, Director Flight Safety Operations Department





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