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Global Agency Pro (GAP)

A business intelligence tool for destination marketers, tourism boards, and visitor bureaus. Based on the world's largest repository of travel agency ticketing data.

Destination Marketers: are your sales channels delivering enough visitors?​

Which sales channels bring your destination the most revenue? How are competing destinations performing in your key source markets?  Is your investment in FAM trips generating returns?

Global Agency Pro (GAP) answers these questions with business intelligence based on travel agency ticketing data. This sophisticated online tool identifies which ARC or IATA-accredited agencies are selling travel to a particular country, region or city with pinpoint accuracy. It provides unprecedented visibility into your travel trade sales channel, source markets and competing destinations.

GAP will take your destination marketing to the next level. Discover the power of GAP in this video:


What you can do with GAP

  • Identify your most visitor-generating and most loyal* travel agencies
  • Understand which source markets are growing, declining and stable
  • Find out how your competition is performing
  • Contact travel agencies selling air travel to your destination and build relationships with them
  • Evaluate which travel agencies improved performance following a FAM trip

See how Atout France used GAP to optimize the U.S. source market

What makes GAP unique

  • The largest global ticket sales database from ARC and IATA travel agencies worldwide. 
  • Updated daily with up to 7 years of historical data + 1 year of future data 
  • Reporting filters by date, origin, service class, agency location, etc.
* Agency loyalty = agency’s sales to your destination / agency's total global sales within the time period

Need help?

  • Are you interested in the potential of GAP? Please contact the GAP team using this form.
  • Are you already a GAP customer? Please contact the customer service team via the Customer Portal.

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