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Only Solid Market Fundamentals Can Substantiate Your Decisions

Close to twenty million Master Airway Bill (MAWB) information feed into the CargoIS database every year.

This data is primarily sourced from IATA CASS global billing system where airlines and freight forwarders settle $30 billion worth of airfreight charges every year. 

As CargoIS reflects transactional data, it bears undisputable value.  

Besides CASS, CargoIS receives as well data directly from airlines, to be able to reflect as well on transactions settled outside CASS.


 "Breaking the Code" of thousands of airport-to-airport trade lanes

The world’s airfreight business is spread across more than 100,000 different trade lanes.  CargoIS reveals the key data elements to help you attain:
  • Market-sizing
  • Trade lane mapping 
  • Optimize capacity and define gateway strategy 
  • Key account and preferred carrier management 
  • Commercial strategy

Unparalleled granularity

  • Airline or agent breakdowns
  • Net airfreight charges and surcharges, weight and number of shipments
  • Origin and Destination information at various levels: regions, countries, province/states, cities and airports
  • Worldwide coverage, from 70 origin countries
  • Over 200 active Airlines and their GSA's across more than 30,000 freight forwarders 

Data availability

Data is made available between the 20th and 26th of the month following the reporting period. For example, January data is delivered earliest February 20th.

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