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RAMPVR Virtual Reality Training Tool

RAMPVRTM is IATA's award-winning “plug-and-play” virtual reality training solution for ground operations.

RAMPVR combines high-spec virtual reality hardware and software with IATA training for ground operations professionals. Complement theoretical knowledge with effective practical training in a very realistic environment, without disrupting active operations on the ramp.


The “flight simulator” for ground ops​

RampVR Virtual Reality for Ground Operations

Modules available:

  • Aircraft Turnaround Inspection
  • Aircraft Marshalling
  • Passenger Boarding Bridge Operations
  • Aircraft Pushback Process and Operations


What Virtual Reality (VR) means for Ground Operations (pdf)

We share the experience and results of full implementation of the VR tool in ground operations. Fraport Ground Services integrated IATA’s RampVR in training for new and existing ramp employees.

This whitepaper aims to:

  • Lay out the challenges to the adoption of VR in training;
  • Explain the benefits of VR training through a case study with tangible results;
  • Trigger interest and stimulate exchange on the topic within the air transport innovation community.

RAMPVR complies fully with the standards of the Airport Handling Manual​ and the IATA Ground Operations ManualFor more information on what RAMPVR can do for your ground ops training program, please contact us

RampVR Plug-and-play virtual reality training solution. 

Typical ground ops training challenges avoided​

RAMPVR accurately replicates the ramp environment and avoids the typical challenges of ground ops training:

  • Airside can be a dangerous and noisy training environment
  • Training cannot be performed at night or during adverse weather conditions
  • Time available for training is limited due to operational restrictions and aircraft availability
  • Airside access requires rigorous background checks for trainees
  • Abnormal scenarios are difficult to replicate in live operations
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​Distinctive features

Unlike “live” training, RAMPVR allows you to:

  • Generate a variety of scenarios or aircraft turnaround inspections featuring damage or foreign object ​debris to enhance training
  • Simulate day and night operations as well as adverse weather conditions
  • Pause and review “operations” so details can be checked or explained
  • Access notes, forms and other reference material in real time
  • Record user performance for review and future reference

RAMPVR features:

  • A “plug-and-play” system with an intuitive user interface
  • No special infrastructure required, indoor open space (ideally 3x3 meters)
  • Easy and quick change-over from one trainee to the next

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