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Courses designed by industry experts

IATA courses are designed by industry experts and updated frequently to keep pace with the latest regulatory procedures, new Standards, and the fast changing demands of the aviation industry.

Our faculty of over 300 highly qualified IATA Instructors teach courses in English, with a selection available in French, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin to meet the needs of our clients who come from all industry sectors and regions of the world. 

Find aviation courses and diploma programs in your area of specialization

Training for Air Navigation Service Providers

Air Navigation Services
Knowledge for managing a high performance business while providing safe, compliant and cost effective air navigation services to airspace users.

Training for airline business managers

Airline Business Management
Industry case studies, challenging simulation programs and practical training will help you maximize your potential as an airline manager.

Training for quality in aviation operations

Airline Operations and Quality
Engaging, interactive training that quickly transfers the tools you need to ensure consistent operations.

Training for airport operations, planning and managment

Airport Planning, Operations and Management
Best practices and skills for building and maintaining safe, efficient and competitive airports.

Cargo and DGR training

Cargo & Logistics 
The industry’s most dynamic and innovative training solutions for every aspect of the supply chain.

Training for Civil Aviation Authorities

Civil Aviation Authorities
Best practices and skills for civil aviation oversight and regulation, with a focus on ICAO SARPs, for safety, security, risk, airworthiness, airspace policy, law, economic regulation, efficiency and sustainability.

Cargo and DGR training Dangerous Goods Regulations
The latest industry regulations and procedures, and ensure that your dangerous goods shipments comply with industry standards.
Environmental responsibility training

Learn how to responsibly address environmental challenges such as noise, emissions and waste management.

Fares and Ticketing training courses

Fares and Ticketing
Beginner to advanced training on using the IATA BSP, global distribution systems and other fare calculation procedures.

Finance and Accounting training courses

Finance and Accounting
Covering customized subjects for airlines, airports, cargo agents, and travel agents.

Ground Operations training courses

Ground Operations
Best practices for today's complex operational environment, preparing you to increase on-time performance in your ground station.

Law and Regulations training

Law and Regulations
A global perspective to manage the cross-border provision of air services in a safe, secure, and economical manner.

Organization and Human Performance training

Management and Leadership
From strategy planning and implementation, to project and operations management, our courses can help you and your company improve efficiency.

Aviation safety training

Safety is everyone's priority in our industry. Our courses are available for all industry sectors, focusing on safety management, workplace safety, and best practice for civil aviation.

Sales and Marketing training courses

Sales & Marketing
Marketing channels, sales management, advertising, research, consumer behavior and communications training tailored for the aviation industry.

Aviation Security training

Timely information on legislation and strategies for addressing today's security challenges, with courses ranging from operations to planning to management.

Travel Agent training

Travel and Tourism
From entry-level travel agent basics to senior management for agencies or tour operations, each course leads to an IATA qualification, recognized internationally by the travel industry.

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