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Training Validation

The Center of Excellence - Training Validation program addresses the industry’s need for greater training standardization.

The program promotes mutual recognition for airlines and other operator training organizations dedicated to air transportation, benefiting all stakeholders: employees, customers and partners.

Apply excellence in corporate training by establishing effective learning and development programs


The program:

  • Draws on IATA’s expertise in the development of global standards and professional support with a wide range of products and services.
  • Aims to help airlines and other operator training organizations dedicated to air transportation, elevate workforce learning and development capability, thereby transforming these organizations to provide excellence in corporate training.
  • Provides the expertise to equip organizations with the capability in the design and development of performance-based, up-to-date training programs and other quality learning activities, that fully meet international standards.
  • Assures that trainees have achieved the skills and knowledge that the training course was intended to provide, and validates that the entire training program process is designed and developed correctly.

There are two steps to achieve training center excellence and to validate your in-house training program

Step 1: Recognition of Training Organizations

The Program recognizes training organizations through an assessment process. Upon application, organizations shall be assessed by IATA according to the standards and criteria of the program. Organizations compliant with such requirements shall be recognized and registered for Excellence in Corporate Training.

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Step 2: Validation of Training Programs

The Program provides a certified training organization with the opportunity to acquire validation for a specific training program. Organizations shall be awarded with a Certificate of Validation, attesting that the specific training program meets the training provision and requirements in the respective IATA manuals, standards and guidelines.

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  • Be recognized for meeting industry international standards for excellence in corporate training
  • Issuance of a Certificate of Validation, attesting that a specific training program meets IATA’s standards 
  • Provision of harmonized, high quality and internationally recognized training to employees
  • Provide IATA course certificates to employees who successfully complete the validated course
  • Elevate workforce competency and enhance capacity
  • Improve safety and efficiency through standardization of the training program
  • Advance the adoption of a cost-effective competency-based training approach 
  • Build standardized training programs to ensure full global coverage in providing professional training

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