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NewGen ISS

NewGen ISS

The New Generation of IATA Settlement Systems (NewGen ISS) will transform the current ISS business model which facilitates the distribution and settlement of funds between travel agents and airlines.

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​​​​New Generation of IATA Settlement Systems​

NewGen ISS is a program launched by IATA to deliver faster, safer and more cost effective and relevant financial settlement services and solutions to airlines and travel agents that rely on the IATA Settlement Systems (ISS). It will do so by putting our customers at the heart of our operation.

How are NewGen ISS and TIP helping the industry?

Hear what airlines are saying:


For airlines, NewGen ISS means faster settlement, safer funds and a lower cost of distribution. For travel agents, NewGen ISS will offer more personalized products and services, enhanced customer support and more cost-effective solutions. With the introduction of NewGen ISS, IATA will also provide an enhanced 24/7 customer support to better address the needs of airlines and agents.

NewGen ISS will deliver:

Next Steps



On 8 March 2018, Norway became the first market to fully implement all the elements of NewGen ISS. Rollout of NewGen ISS across all IATA BSPs will take place in a series of waves and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2020. View the NewGen ISS rollout timeline.

IATA took a collaborative approach to introducing NewGen ISS. Forums such as the Passenger Agency Program Global Joint Council (PAPGJC) and Agency Program Joint Councils (APJCs) enabled IATA’s travel agent partners to contribute to the development of NewGen ISS. In particular, a joint agent and airline working group cooperated on Remittance Holding Capacity, a pillar of NewGen ISS that promotes safer selling while taking into account both travel agent and airline concerns.

In conjunction with NewGen ISS, a new industry initiative called Transparency in Payments is being introduced. TIP reveals the different costs associated with each form of payment. As it stands, airlines only see the settlement cost after the fact, if at all. No form of payment is barred by TIP but agents can only use those forms to which an airline has previously given consent. Importantly, TIP allows agents to use their own credit cards if an airline approves.

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