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E-Commerce Logistics

Air cargo serving e-commerce

Online sales are expected to reach 4 trillion USD by 2020. The air cargo industry is ready to capitalize on e-Commerce and facilitate this growth. 

The global economy is increasingly turning to e-commerce, whether for online shopping between consumers and businesses, from consumer to consumer, or business to business.  Traditional and digital worlds are also closely integrated with omnichannel solutions and business models mixing offline, online and even virtual experiences. 

E-commerce is a growth driver for the air cargo industry, and therefore there's an increasing need for speed, visibility and easy returns, all of which will impact the logistics chain. IATA, including Cargo iQ, is driving change in the air cargo industry by simplifying the business and embracing new initiative and technologies, helping make air cargo easier, faster and smarter.

The air cargo industry is transforming to capitalize on e-commerce by building global standards, creating partnerships and fostering innovation and is well positioned to serve the global expansion of online retail.

Air cargo is a key enabler for e-commerce, opening more and more opportunities for new digital business models and the growth of e-commerce will benefit both major corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises. By improving e-commerce services and making them globally available, developing countries can grow their economies, reducing poverty and inequality. 


Transformation Consumers Initiatives

Digital technologies have revolutionized the retail industry, buying patterns and consumer expectations, and will continue to do so. 

E-commerce is a growth driver for the air cargo industry, as online shopping boosts demand for parcel delivery services worldwide. 

The increasing need for speed, visibility and easy returns heavily impacts the logistics chain.

The air cargo industry has transformed and offers products and services that serve their e-commerce customers: 

  • End-to-end tracking
  • Instant notification
  • Faster delivery
  • Low cost 

IATA White Paper

Find out how the air cargo industry is adressing e-commerce and IATA's role drinving these initiatives in this Air Cargo serving e-commerce white paper. 

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