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Interactive Cargo

Making Cargo Talk

Part of Simplifying the Business Cargo (StB Cargo), the Interactive Cargo project aims at developing responsive air cargo services based on intelligent systems that are able to self-monitor, send real-time alerts, respond to deviation to meet customers' expectations and report on the cargo journey to allow data-driven improvements.


Air cargo customers demand more end-to-end visibility and real-time information about their shipments. The demand for this capabilities is exploding with the growth of e-commerce. Online retailers and shoppers need and want to know where their shipments are at any time. Equipping the air cargo industry with this capability is an imperative to improve the value proposition of air cargo and help our members to capitalize on e-commerce growth.

Air cargo suppliers also need that information at individual piece level to take proactive decisions to meet customers and regulators’ expectations. This is valid for all types of products, but is becoming a critical requirement for special cargo (pharma, perishables, live animals, vulnerable, high-value…).  

Starting with piece level tracking

The piece level tracking capability is the process that enables the end-to-end tracking and monitoring of cargo shipments (time and location) at piece level.

In March 2018, the new IATA Recommended Practice 1689 on PLT was endorsed by CSC.

2019 focus

  • Develop the Cargo-XML messages supporting PLT 
  • Release the PLT implementation guide
  • Integrate PLT and Interactive Cargo elements into the ONE Record data model
  • Set-up the new Interactive Cargo Task Force to work on standards and guidelines needed to locate, monitor and interact with the shipments
  • Launch an industry survey to understand what the current process is for airlines to approve connected devices and identify standardization and simplification opportunities

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Recommended Practice on Piece Level Tracking (PLT) voted by the Cargo Services Conference (CSC/40 - March 2018)

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