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eAWBLink is an entry-level industry tool designed for small and medium-sized freight forwarders to become e-AWB capable. 

Download the eAWBLink Product sheet (pdf) for more information.


Key features

  • Create, send, and manage e-AWB, e-HAWB, e-CSD
  • Track and trace shipments
  • Receive shipment status alerts
  • Manage AWB Stock 
  • Use Templates for quick creation
  • Print AWB, HAWB, House Manifest on demand (if you must)
  • Print Bar coded labels and Cargo Pouch labels

Connected to over 120 Airlines, eAWBLink reduces processing costs, enhances data quality, improves efficiency, and facilitates regulatory compliance.

Customer Testimonials

Marken (France)

“It is a very nice tool and simple to use even for debutants It’s a multi-purpose tool as we can cut AWBs, MAWBs for consolidation, track shipments, manage AWB stock etc.” 

Carga Transistmica (Panama)

"eAWBLink is a powerful paperless eco-friendly tool, that reduces administrative processes and facilitates a lean logistical chain. For Carga Transistmica, the eAWBLink helps us improve all our operations as well as providing much more traceability and security over the traditional process with paper."

Intertrans Co. Ltd (Russia)

"System is very smooth, intuitive understandable with maximum usability. It takes 10 minutes for me to create full AWB!" 


For more information on eAWBLink, check out the following! 

 eAWBLink Introduction  (pdf)

eAWBLink Product sheet  (pdf)

eAWBLink FAQs 

Tutorial videos 

List of connected carriers (pdf)

For any questions or further information, contact the eAWBLink team.

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