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Cargo Security


​Strengthening air cargo security

Security is a critical element the of the air cargo supply chain. Regulators and industry are working together to further secure the supply chain while ensuring the flow of commerce.

IATA set up the Cargo Security Working Group (CSWG) to ensure that the experiences and constraints of the airline industry are considered in the development of effective security regulations.

To support regulators and strengthen supply chain security, IATA and the industry are working on the following main initiatives:

Advance Information

The standard Advance Cargo Information ahead of the arrival of goods, aiding processing and clearance of cargo.

Standard CSD

The Consignment Security Declaration (CSD) provides an audit trail of how, when and by whom cargo has been secured along the supply chain.

Capacity Building

Through the Cargo Security Capacity Building Program, IATA works with regulators and industry to ensure air cargo is protected from unlawful interference across the whole supply chain.

ACC3 Validation

IATA supports air carriers in complying with EU ACC3 Validation process providing all the necessary information and assessment to prepare for their validation.

  • Visit our Center of Excellence to view the benefits ACC3 can bring to airlines.
  • See the current list of Regulated Agents (RA3) and Known Consignors (KC3) on our Bulletin Board

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