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The New Experience Travel Technologies (NEXTT) initiative brings stakeholders together to build the air travel journey of the future.


Downlad the NEXTT vision

IATA and Airports Council International (ACI) have launched the NEXTT vision with the goal to ensure the transport of passengers, baggage & cargo benefits from the latest technology developments to improve customer experience, reliability and efficiency.

On-demand webinars

Get a primer on the NEXTT vision with recorded webinars available for viewing at any time.

Introduction and building the case

  • ACI and IATA's NEXTT Vision - Building the journey of the future: Introduction to the vision and how you can contribute. 
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  •  Industry-wide Cost Benefits: An initial exploration of the benefits and costs of NEXTT concepts to the aviation industry and consumers.
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Emerging themes

  • NEXTT Emerging Themes: Off-airport Activities: Can we move physical and virtual processes off-airport to maximize convenience and alleviate pressure on airport facilities?
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  • NEXTT Emerging Themes: Advanced Processing: What should or should not be automated? What can machines do and what needs the human touch?
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  • NEXTT Emerging Themes: Interactive Decision Making: Better use of data can mean real-time responsiveness and can greatly improve safety, security & efficiency.
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Putting NEXTT into practice

  • Putting Strategy Into Practice: Case study examples of trials and proofs of concepts that have been conducted to progress the NEXTT vision.
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  • Designing for the Future: The impact that NEXTT will have on the design and capacity of airports.
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To learn more about IATA and ACI's #NEXTTjourney, visit the NEXTT website.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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