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Common Use Working Group (CUWG)

The CUWG develops and maintains common use standards allowing airlines or other handling agents to process passengers using shared technology typically at an airport.

Main Functions of the CUWG

  • To review and approve proposed additions, changes and deletions to Common Use Standards including Recommended Practice (RP) 1706c, RP1797 and RP1741 as well as any future standards relating to products used in the airport common use environment
  • To submit an annual report of its activities to the Passenger Services Conference (PSC)
  • To liaise closely with other bodies, including Airlines for America (A4A) Airports Council International (ACI) and IATA Committees impacting on Common Use  Standards

Composition and Frequency of Meetings

The CUWG works closely with IATA member airlines, IATA Strategic Partners as well as Industry Associations. The number of participants is not restricted. The group meets 3 to 4 times per year and has monthly calls.  

Reference Material

All recommended practices, technical specifications and certification criteria developed by this group are available on the IATA PEMG Extranet.
Read more on latest Common Use News. 

IATA PEMG Extranet

An Extranet containing a specific section for Common Use is available for members of the CUWG to read and/or download reference documentation, including meeting agendas and minutes. Please refer to links below for login or registration.


Bar Coded Boarding Pass Group of Experts (BCBP)
Technical Solution Group Common Use Passenger Processing Systems (TSG-CUPPS)
Technical Solution Group Common Use Self Service (TSG-CUSS)
Technical Solution Group Common Use Web Services (TSG-CUWS)
Techincal Solution Group for IATA Technical Peripheral Specifications (formely AEA Technical Specifications)   (TSG-ITPS)

About Common Use Standards

IATA develops and maintains common use standards including recommended practices through the work of the CUWG that is part of the IATA Passenger Experience Management Group (PEMG). The standards cover the following three specific areas: 

  • Common Use Self Service (CUSS) describes the specifications and standards for multiple airlines sharing one physical self-service kiosk
  • Common Use Passenger Processing Systems (CUPPS) describes the range of services, specifications and standards enacted to enable multiple airlines, service providers or other users to share physical check-in or gate podium positions whether simultaneously or consecutively
  • Standardized data exchange through the use of web services technology. The first business requirement addressed is for a common use self-service bag drop process
  • The Bar Coded Boarding Pass Group of Experts (BCBP) addresses the Bar Code Data format us on a Multi-segment Boarding Passes for both mobile and printed boarding pass 
  • The IATA Technical Peripheral Specifications Group addresses the specification exchanges of Departure Control Systems to device communication for both common and dedicated environment

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