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Plan Standards Board

The Plan Standards Board manages the development of standards concerning any interaction between airlines and any other parties for the purposes of exchanging information about which services are intended to be made available and to whom; and the management of any corresponding reference data. 

This includes but is not limited to schedule exchange standards, minimum connecting time standards, Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreements and industry coding. 

Groups under the Plan Board:

  • Industry Coding Group
  • Interline Group
  • Schedules Publication Group
  • Slot Messaging Group
  • Minimum Connecting Times Groups

Industry Coding Interline Schedules Publication Slot Messaging MCT

The Industry Coding Group:

  • Deals with matters concerning industry coding, including the associated business requirements including but not limited to airline designators, accounting codes and prefixes; location codes; and baggage tag issuance codes. 
  • Reviews and endorses proposals to create or amend standards governing these processes. Ensures that proposals align with existing standards.
  • Reviews and endorses proposals to amend Resolution 762, 763, 767, 769. 
  • Liaises with other process owning groups under any Conference, and advisory groups under Industry Committees.
  • Explores changes to industry coding systems to support sustainability, and supports the new and evolving coding requirements of emerging distribution standards.
  • Advises IATA Management on interpretation and clarification of Coding standards where required.
  • Maintains a work plan and reports regularly to Plan Standards Board.


To view and/or particiate in the activies under the Industry Coding Group, please access the SSW site.

Membership of the Plan Standards Board (PSB)

The following representatives have been elected to serve on the Plan Standards Board for a two year period:

Aeromexico Rafael Huertas VP Short Term Scheduling & Slots
Air China Peng Liu Senior Manager - Network Planning
Air France Magali Viala-Breger VP Network Innovation & Coordination
Alitalia Stefano Rizzo Head of Scheduling and Slot
American Airlines Dave Scott Managing Director - Schedule Implementation
Biman Bangladesh Airlines Mohammed Salahuddin Deputy General Manager- Pricing & RMS
British Airways Andy Tunnacliffe Partnerships and PSS Support Manager
China Airlines
Yu-Jen Wu
GM of Networking Planning Dept.
​Delta Air Lines
​Glen Bell
​Manager, Schedule Publication
Deutsche Lufthansa
Marjana Stern
Head of Scheduling Hub MUC
​Shrikant Kiran Yadery
​Schedule Development & Slots Portfolio Manager 
George Voorman
Manager Schedule Slot and Fleet planning Europe
LATAM Airlines
Soledad Berrios
Senior Vice-President Strategic Alliances
LOT Polish Airlines
Robert Ludera
Director Network and Alliances
Qatar Airways
Mandar Prakash Pradhan
Manager Schedules Planning
Turkish Airlines
Murat Baş
SVP Network Planning
United Airlines
Michele Boyce
Director, Airport Access
Virgin Australia
​Matthew Yarrow
​Head of Network Management
​IATA Secretary
​Isabella Ioannoni
​Senior Manager Plan Standards, ADS

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